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Wipple is a programming language that’s natural to read, write and learn.

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Natural syntax

Wipple’s syntax was designed with just a few rules and balances punctuation with English words, making it a great first programming language. Instead of sticking with conventional names like print, Wipple uses more intuitive names like show.

greet : name -> format "Hello, _!" name
show (greet "world") -- Hello, world!

Type system

Wipple has a powerful type system that checks your mistakes to prevent crashes at runtime. You can document a function’s behavior using a type annotation, or let Wipple figure out the types for you. And you can use traits to extend existing code with new behavior.

Person : type {
name :: Text
age :: Number

instance (Show Person) : { name age } ->
format "_ is _ years old" name age

bob : Person {
name : "Bob"
age : 30

show bob -- Bob is 30 years old

Pattern matching

Instead of using if, Wipple’s when expression enables you to check complex conditions with ease. Before your code even runs, Wipple ensures that it handles all possible conditions — no surprises in production.

report-card :: Grade -> Text
report-card : grade -> when grade {
A -> "top of the class"
B -> "good job"
C -> "need to study"
D or F -> "didn't pass"

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The Wipple Guide has tutorials for experienced programmers coming from languages like JavaScript and Python.

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